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Samsung microwave oven with SLIM FRY technology

Microwave Ovens | Apr-21-14


Designed for healthy eaters, the elegant Samsung MC28H5135 Smart Oven offers a sleek, premium design to seamlessly fit any modern kitchen decor. The transparent black Crystal Gloss handle and dial, combined with an ice blue display that brightly illuminates the settings and clock, create a beautiful, stylish exterior.


Samsung Blue Crystal washer

Washers & Dryers | Apr-20-14


The Samsung WW9000 combines an elegant minimalist design with an intuitive user interface and smart washing performance. There are no knobs, buttons and rigid lines. The new smoothly shaped Samsung washer has a streamlined front with a ripple design running along its sides. The Blue Crystal WW9000 also features an intuitive 5" colour Full Touch Screen and enhanced smart features for improved performance and functionality.


Beko Cast Line built-in oven

Built-In Ovens | Apr-20-14


The OIM 58900 from the Beko Cast Line is a modern built-in oven created by the renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The oven brings innovative technology, advanced features and unique design into the kitchen. Operated via the color, user friendly TFT LCD display with touch keys, Beko OIM 58900 comes with a digital cookbook that has 82 recipes. Its elegant door is finished in the special nano coating to prevent fat deposits.


Liebherr refrigerators freezers in Black Steel

Refrigerators | Apr-19-14


Liebherr has new refrigerator freezers in incredibly sleek, black, cross ground stainless steel. In combination with the high quality SmartSteel finish, the new Black Steel bottom freezer refrigerators give the CBNPbs 3756 Premium BioFresh NoFrost and CNPbs 4013 Comfort NoFrost a timeless elegance. Smart Steel, a special stainless steel coating, reduces the visibility of fingerprints, is easy to clean and much less liable to scratch. The stylish doors comes with aluminium handles and integrated opening mechanism for smooth, effortless operation.


Beko hob with memory function

Cooktops | Apr-19-14


Beko HIPI 64500 T induction hob belongs to the Beko minimalist Cast Line, designed by Patricia Urquiola of Spain. This function oriented line is characterized by pure and basic geometrical forms with clean, simple design. Beko HIPI 64500 T offers sleek design and cutting edge technology for a better cooking experience. The memory function allows you to quickly access your favourite cooking settings.


Gutmann Abajo raised vent

Hoods & Vents | Apr-17-14


The Abajo downdraft system is as close to invisible as a raised recirculation vent can get. This Gutmann raised vent seamlessly integrates into the kitchen countertop. The modular Abajo ventilation ensures user friendly, ergonomic handling and effective extraction performance, with a high fat and condensation separation. The lid of this raised vent can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, providing access to the easily removable, dishwasher-safe filter. Combined with the various hobs and stovetop models, the impressive range of design options further distinguishes the Abajo system.


Elica Lien cooktops communicate with range hoods

Cooktops | Apr-17-14


An induction cooktop line featuring and innovative technology that connects it with Elica range hoods, the Lien Hobs feature a system that controls the cooking modes and passes information to the range hood, which, via advanced sensors, calibrates the aspiration at its optimum level.


Elica Marie air dispenser

Air Purifiers | Apr-17-14


This innovative flagrance dispenser creates a pure and clean sensation for a cozy environment in your house. Elica Marie air dispenser brings sense of well being with its innovative capsules technology and its unique design. Original fragrances, specially created to neutralize unwanted odours with names like Tea Energy, Forest Amber, Tomato and Bell Pepper, will make your kitchen smell incredibly fresh. Elica Marie air and flagrance dispenser comes in different colours with rechargeable lithium battery and USB cable.


Elica Snap air balancer

Hoods & Vents | Apr-17-14


Snap is an Air Balancer, an innovative device from Elica designed to monitor and extract air. It works in conjunction with your kitchen hoods. Snap features 5 operational modes - Link with Hood, Automatic, Detox, Manual and Holiday. Equipped with intelligent sensors and self learning system, this unique air balancer is able to maintain the proper air balance inside by controlling the quality of air, temperature and humidity. The device extracts air from outside as needed. You can install more than one Snap in the house and coordinate them via a specific App.


Skantherm Turn wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stoves & Heaters | Apr-16-14


Designed for open living, Skantherm Turn offers clean, simplistic design without often unnecessary decorative detail, and can be rotated full 360° degrees and set locked in incremental positions. You can also buy the fixed model. Turn gives you unobstructed view of the dancing flames and its sophisticated window flushing allows the air to flow right across the generous panorama pane, preventing soot deposits.


Electrolux Ergorapido third generation

Vacuum Cleaners | Apr-16-14


The third generation of the instant battery stick cleaner Electrolux Ergorapido is now being launched around the world. More than 9 million Ergorapido vacuum cleaners have been sold in 70 markets since the its introduction in 2004, with the 3 top selling countries being USA, France and Japan.


Elica Greta Evolution island hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-16-14


The elegant Greta belongs to Elica Evolution Collection that also includes Audrey and Edith kitchen hoods. Another design by Fabrizio Crisa, this island hood offers minimalist lines and soft shapes to provide personality and recall industrial kitchens.


Elica wall mounted hoods - Elle and Stripe

Hoods & Vents | Apr-16-14


Designed to ensure maximum quality and technological innovation, Elle is a new wall mounted hood from Elica that offers pure form and transparent frame to create a contemporary design element functional to its purpose. This wall hood perfectly fits in the kitchen, expressing modernity and class. Infrared control zone, LED diffuse lighting. Comes in either white glass and transparent glass or black glass and transparent glass.


Elica Tao integrated range hood

Hoods & Vents | Apr-16-14


The new Tao mergers seamlessly with the kitchen cabinets for streamline, linear look. Your modern kitchen shows no discontinuity between the furniture and this integrated range hood. The Tao steel panels combine function and professional look, while the crystal closing door captures fumes and protects the kitchen against cooking fats and other unpleasantries for easier cleaning. Designed by Fabrizio Crisà.


Elica downdraft Morfeo vent

Hoods & Vents | Apr-15-14


Elica research and innovation efforts achieve optimal results. Thanks to the small sized motor incorporated in this raised vent, Morfeo ensures ease and freedom of installation, unique for this product category. Touch control panel makes operation a breeze.


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