Beyond Smart Kitchen Icebox

The iCEBOX brings all the conveniences of a smart, digital and wired home to your kitchen with style and sophistication. Featuring flat, touch screen LCD monitors with the ability to view television, the Internet, listen to music or view your home video monitoring system, the iCEBOX represents a technological leap in connecting your kitchen with the digital age. The keyboard and remote are wireless and easily washable, designed to withstand the rigors of the modern kitchen. Designed for Beyond Appliance connectivity, the iCEBOX can be used to supply your Beyond appliances with barcode information and correct atomic time, ensuring that your appliances work to their fullest capacity. The iCEBOX FlipScreen, pictured above, features a 12.1” rotating and pivoting flip up LCD panel that is visible at almost any viewing angle and fold away easily when not in use and is available in either black or slate.
The iCEBOX Countertop can be placed on any flat surface and is available in either black or white. These units also feature the iCEBOX remote desktop feature which brings the power of your PC into your kitchen, allowing you to view photos and access programs such as Word and Excel. The power of both a PC and an entertainment center in your kitchen – the iCEBOX from Beyond Digital Life. The iCEBOX FlipScreen is priced at $2,000, the Desktop is available for $1,500.