Kitchen music system – Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen music player

Harman Kardon brings music in your kitchen. Its high performance audio technology is ingeniously utilized in the elegant, high performance kitchen music system, developed by Verburg Audio for a discreet installation in various kitchen units. Designed for minimum visibility and maximum listening pleasure, the advanced audio system can be mounted flush and with a grid dimension of 60cm, it can be integrated with your existing 60cm wide built-in appliances. The compact Harman Kardon MaestroKitchen music player consists of a CD player, radio and amplifier, giving a kitchen an acoustic value and turning it into a communicative living area.

Maestrokitchen 100 Sound System comes with a USB interface to meet the fast growing trend whereby the kitchen plays an increasingly central role in modern households. Now you can listen to music via radio, CD, iPod, mp3 and mobile telephone.
The innovative kitchen music system offers concealed audio performance in a fully built-in innovative system. Instead conventional speakers, the kitchen cabinet doors serve as the speakers. And all your glasses in the cabinet are perfectly safe, with no shaking or vibration.
The built-in computer/amplifier features a tastefully-designed display in stylish matt black glass, measuring 60cm x 8cm. This display features a small yet quite readable from a distance information screen, making for an easy operation from the dining table by remote control. Or you can operate directly by the touch keys on the MaestroKitchen music player itself. Verburg Audio.