Kitchen timer – Pie by Joseph Joseph

You need to have a nice kitchen timer, to make sure that your pasta, fish or steak is not getting overcooked. After all, what good are the best quality foods if you ruined them just by cooking a minute or two too long. Small timers have been the classic standard kitchen accessory for a long time, gently alarming you when the suggested cooking time is up.

The functional Pie kitchen timer features a simple design with a clear graphic dial. Twist the top half of the Pie and you see an easy-to-read analogue dial. Set the time needed to cook your dish to perfection, release the bezel and the kitchen timer begins counting down, so you are free to do other things. The large graphic dial lets you monitor progress at a glance, even from a distance, and when the time is up, a classic alarm bell sounds to attract your attention.
When the time is up, the dial retreats and is no longer visible. The Pie kitchen timer can be set for a timing period of up to 60 minutes and features a durable clockwork mechanism that needs no batteries. Available in pink, grey, green and aubergine for just $14 at Joseph Joseph.