The LED lighted ice bucket

Impress your friends with this fun LED lighted ice bucket. This unique bucket is sure to be a showstopper, designed with a series of LED lights that are built into the base. The lights continuously shift through the seven colors of the visible light spectrum, creating a visual spectacle for your guests, or it can stop at one particular color with the touch of a button. The LED’s last for 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of more than 5 years of continuous 24-hour use. The bucket itself is made of a frosted polycarbonate that diffuses the light, creating a warm glow sure to provide the ambiance you desire. It is well insulated to keep your ice fresh and cold, able to maintain the chill on your beverages for up to two hours. Sleek aluminum handles also make it easy to transport. The bucket comes with four rechargeable AA batteries that allow for six hours of use and an AC adapter. Easy to maintain, this 12″H x 11″D ice bucket can be hand rinsed clean with mild soap and water. Price is $150.