Turn phone into a vacuum cleaner with iVac and win

The world first iPhone and iPad vacuuming game makes the annoying process of vacuuming much more exciting. Now you can challenge your friends on Facebook and compete to become the best at virtual cleaning. And if you are good enough, you could even win a brand new vacuum cleaner.

If you win, the choices are the UltraOne, the UltraSilencer Green and the 1964 Luxomatic.
Hold your iPhone or iPad at just the right angle to pick up as much as you can in each place in the room. Change the angle depending on whether you are cleaning the kitchen table or behind the sofa. The more dust you get, the higher you score.
As you clean your way through a series of rooms, you will find coffee beans and pocket change in the kitchen, toys and car keys in the living room, a sock and a wedding ring in the bedroom, and dust, dust, dust everywhere. Pre-recorded sounds created for each cleaner and object give you feedback on your progress. Heavy items like coins and keys increase your score, which is measured in grams.
You need to vacuum as much dust and as many objects as possible from under the kitchen table or behind the sofa before time runs out. Then email your full dust bag to Electrolux for a chance to win a vacuum cleaner. The competition will run for 20 weeks, but you can only win a vacuum once.
The weekly winners are announced on Electrolux Facebook page wall. Read the terms and conditions here and if you like the idea, download iVac for your iPhone.