Air cleaner for an infant or a child – Coway nursery air cleaner

A nursery air cleaner from Coway will give you added peace of mind for when your new baby comes along. This air cleaner has been designed with the nursery in mind, with its fun and colorful icons. Its Pre Filter is an electrostatic HEPA filter with superior anti-bacterial strength that removes large amounts of dust, germs, and pet hair from the air, leaving the air around your infant pure and clean, and keeping nursery air pristine. It also can be washed maintain its freshness. The cleaner Medium Filter is the front non-woven hemp filter that helps remove debris from the air while protecting the the HEPA filter and the BHC Combo Filter, which combines the characteristics of a non-woven hemp filter, and a melt-blown filter with anti-bacteria and anti-fungus qualities to remarkably improve dust collection. In addition, this Coway nursery air cleaner is capable of removing harmful VOC’s and fine dust, harmful gas, odors, germs, and allergens. Coway.

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