Air Oasis air purifier – 3000 Xtreme air purifiers

The 3000 Xtreme Air Oasis air purifier is not your ordinary purifier. This advanced air purifier is a sophisticated machine with a heavy duty contamination fighter. Intended for open areas above 3000 square feet, the high-powered Air Oasis is only appropriate for smaller areas, if they register very high levels of contamination. The 3000 Xtreme air purifier is ideal for concentrated areas such as musty basements, nail or hair salons, high smoke areas, and any other area with substantial odors, mold, or bacteria. The key component of the design is the patent pending quad-nano Xtreme catalyst designed to reduce ozone. Due to the extreme power of this Air Oasis air purifier, it is not recommended for an average-sized home. However, for larger homes, it is advised to place several smaller units throughout in order to achieve optimal results. The price for the 3000 Xtreme Air Oasis air purifier is $370. Air Oasis.

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