Alen Paralda HEPA air purifier review

Ideal for those who want an energy efficient air purifier certified to be free from things like lead, mercury and other hazardous substances, the Alen Paralda HEPA air purifier offers top notch filtration of airborne particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses. Equipped with ozone safe ionizer, long lasting UV light and a true HEPA filter capable of removing 99.42% of dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores and pollen in rooms up to 400 ft², the Energy Star qualified Alen Paralda air purifier also brings modern, space-saving tower shape and light green color, symbolic of its green design and attributes. It comes with 4-speed fan, 2 fan assemblies and programmable timer that allows you to set 3 different run times, each with its own corresponding fan speed. It also has patent pending airflow design that pulls air in through its dual back vents and top vent on the right side and bottom vent on the left side, returning clean air out of the bottom vent on the right side and top vent on the left side. And the air purifier is quiet on the Low with only 32 dBA, but a bit noisy on the High with 60 dBA.

Other key design features of the Alen Paralda HEPA air purifier include,
– hidden side and back air vents
– hidden cord wrap system to minimize cord length
– tap activation controls, unique to the Paralda HEPA air purifier
– easy access to the filter and UV lamp through the top of the air purifier
– energy saving display panel automatically dims after 30 seconds
– soft white glow On indicator which doubles as a nightlight
– the HEPA air filter and the UV replacement indicator lights
– ozone safe ionizer that can manually be turned Off/On
– UV light can be turned Off/On
Note that Alen Paralda HEPA air purifier does not have activated carbon for odors or chemicals and is not suitable for persons who have serious allergies or asthma or multiple chemical sensitivity. Price is $500.

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