Beurer aroma diffuser

Beurer LA 50 Aroma Diffuser
Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with the pair of Beurer aroma diffusers. Designed to work with various water-soluble aromatic oils, your aroma diffuser helps you relax, concentrate and feel better about life in general.

The Beurer LA 50 creates a micro fine atomization of the aroma oils with the help of its advanced ultrasonic humidification technology, so the aroma effect develops itself in a consistent, fine way. It features a relaxing blue LED light and is very quiet. Ideal for rooms up to approximately 15 m², otherwise should be positioned close to you. The air diffuser switches off automatically once bottle is emptied. See Beurer air humidifier.
Beurer LA 30 Aroma Diffuser
You can markedly improve your mood with the Beurer LA 30 aroma diffuser. It employs the finest ultrasonic aromatherapy humidification, and a colour changing function for ultimate relaxation and feel-good sensation. The aroma diffuser should be used with water soluble aroma oils. Thanks to its silent operation, the Beurer LA30 is also perfectly suited for use in the bedroom.

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