PlusMinusZero air cleaner

The elegant PlusMinusZero air cleaner by Naoto Fukasawa has a slim elegant shape and maintains clean air for about 25 m³ space. The quiet and unobtrusive air cleaner is made of ABS plastic casing with perforated steel grille, and is available in black, white or grey. The deodorizing carbon HEPA filter acts as an allergy block, to sterilise and deodorise the air, removing at least 99.97% of airborne particles as wells as curbing the spread of bacteria, pollen, ticks and viruses. The PlusMinusZero air cleaner has two buttons for 5 operating modes and a timer. The silent mode activates when sensors detect an odor. It seems a bit hard to find in States, but you can get one in UK for £255. Also PlusMinusZero humidifier.


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