Sharp air purifiers – Plasmacluster air purifiers with humidifying function

The new Sharp air purifiers employ a unique combination of three technologies to quietly and efficiently clean and refresh the air in a home. Using a triple filtration system, Sharp proprietary patented Plasmacluster technology and a humidification function, the KC-C100U and KC-C150U air purifiers can trap dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander, decrease odors, and freshen and humidify the air. The Sharp air purifier triple filtration system includes a permanent washable pre-filter that traps dust and other large airborne particles, a washable active carbon filter that absorbs common household odors, and a True HEPA filter with antimicrobial coating that traps 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns that pass through the filter, including pollen, smoke, dust, dust mites, dander and mold spores. The active carbon and True HEPA filters need to be replaced only every five years with average use and yearly for as many other air purifiers require, making these Sharp purifiers easy and inexpensive to maintain. The Plasmacluster technology simulates the way nature cleans the environment after a thunderstorm or near waterfalls. It turns water molecules into positively and negatively charged ions spreading them throughout the room and surrounding airborne particles, resulting in the healthier and better smelling air. These air purifiers are very quiet and ideal for bedrooms and living rooms making barely 17 decibels in Silent Mode, which is no more than sound volume of rustling leaves. Easy to operate, energy efficient and elegantly designed, these Sharp air purifiers are a smart solution for cleaner, healthier and more breathable air. The KC-C100U is suited for a study, bedroom or home office of up to 254 square feet, while the KC-C150U is powerful enough for a living room or family room with up to 347 square feet. The prices are $400 and $500 respectively. Sharp.

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