Stadler Form Viktor air purifier

Compact and versatile are two words that come to mind when you see the Stadler Form Viktor air purifier. Available in black and white, Viktor keeps your home air pure and crisp. This efficient air purifier is thoroughly tested by the leading European allergy and air quality labs, and is ideal for reducing household allergens including smoke, dander and pollen. Quiet, powerful and modern, like the other Stadler Form air purifiers, Viktor helps you live a healthier life with fewer allergies.

Normal air in our homes contains fine dust, pollen, odours, viruses and bacteria. Viktor features a specially developed, patent pending HPP Filter System to take care of all the above unplesantries, permitting you to take a deep breath of fresh air. The Stadler Form air purifier also has top Clean Air Delivery Rate. And its special filter cleanses the air while active carbon eliminates unwanted odors. Dimmable night-mode LED control lights, 5 cleaning levels, fragrance dispenser, 10.8 lbs weight. You can buy Stadler Form Viktor for $400.
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