Water Globe air purifier & air freshener

The Water Globe air purifier & air freshener actually washes and deodorizes the air, using water to purify and trap the stale dusty air. The air purifier & air freshener also neutralizes and removes cigarette smoke, cooking and pet odours, and harmful particles from the air you breath. The Water Globe uses water as an air filter, so you don’t have to dispose of filters full of germs and bacteria, and don’t have to buy new ones.

All you need to do is to empty this room air purifier & air freshener on a regular basis, wipe dry, refill with tap water and it is ready to go. The Water Globe comes with specially formulated oil based fragrances and deodorizers to keep your favorite fresh scent in the air, including cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender and microbe shield sanitizer and deodorizer. It actually spreads the air molecules as it works, so your room stays fragrant for hours, even after it is turned off. Price at Sharper Image is just $70, so you can have one for every room. Previously, Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.

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