Air-O-Swiss air purifiers and humidifiers – 2055D and 2055 Air-O-Swiss air washers

Air-O-Swiss air purifiers and humidifiers are excellent for humidity control and, at the same time, keeping your air clean. These Air-O-Swiss air washers are available in two models – the 2055D Digital air washer and the 2055 Manual purifier and humidifier. Both make excellent room humidifiers and air cleaners for your home or office, as in addition to being a humidifier, each air washer traps pet hair, large dust and pollen particles in its base unit which can be easily cleaned. Air-O-Swiss uses its patented mineral stick for anti-bacterial protection of the water and does not require expensive replacement filters unlike many humidifiers on the market today. These 2 in 1 humidifiers and purifiers or Air Washers wash and humidify the air without the use of evaporator mats, but using special dishwasher-safe discs which turn water constantly through.
2055D Digital air washer humidifier is an excellent choice for rooms up to 750 sq. ft., and has output of 3 gallons per day. Built-in hygrostat/hygrometer with digital display controls, ionic silver stick which requires replacement roughly once a year.


2055 Manual air washer humidifier is suitable for rooms up to 600 sq. ft., also featuring output of 3 gallons per day. Ionic silver stick is identical to the one of the 2055D model.
Ionic silver stick keeps the water free of harmful bacteria, releasing silver ions in the water. Fragrance capsule lets you optionally humidify and scent a room by simply placing a piece of cotton with your favorite scent into the capsule. Extremely quiet with noise level of less than 25 dBA. The 2055D Digital air washer is equipped with a hygrostat that measures the relative air humidity and automatically switches this air purifier and humidifier off when desired level is reached. The setting for the relative humidity ranges from 30% to 70% with recommended levels between 40% and 50%. Both units have transparent, removable water tank and are quite easy to clean. See current prices for these Air-O-Swiss air washers.

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