Amadana humidifier – counter top vaporizer-style humidifier

Unlike the traditional floor style humidifiers, this Amadana humidifier is designed and sized to be placed on a desk or table. The water in the tank looks wonderful, refreshing your eyes as well as the room. The steam from the counter top vaporizer-style humidifier does not get hot, so there is no danger of scalding. Safe to use with kids and pets around, the Amadana humidifier automatically turns off the power if tips over. Lightweight and compact, it can be easily moved around and anywhere you go. Equipped with a special aroma tray, the humidifier can be used with four Amadana fragrances – Aria, Aqua, Fuoco and Provence providing subtle and calming aroma of citrus, grass, sandalwood and lavender. Available in black, red and white, the counter top humidifier comes with timer and can continuously run for 8 hours on High and 16 hours on Low. The price is ¥24,150 or $215 USD. Amadana. Previously, Swiss style Fred humidifier.

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