Boneco 2055D digital humidifier and air purifier

A good look at the internals of the filterless Boneco 2055D humidifier and air washer, sold in the U.S. as Air-O-Swiss air purifiers / humidifiers. The digital Boneco humidifier employs an ioniser that releases negative ions into the air while it is being sucked into the air purifier. The ions then bond with dust particles, forming clusters, which are attracted to the rotating discs like magnets, thus removing them from the room air you inhale.
The Boneco 2055D is rightfully called air washer as it does wash the air. Equipped with a fan at the top, the air purifier sucks air in, pushes it through the ioniser and on to special humidifying discs inside that are rotating in water. The moisture evaporates into the air and is blown out through the vents on the side of the air washer. Dirt and dust particles that are suspended in the air are washed out during the process and are left behind inside. The air leaving the air humidifier is therefore clean, fresh and optimally humidified.

To keep the water clean inside, the Boneco comes with an ionic silver stick that releases silver ions into the water. Known for its anti-bacterial qualities, silver effectively kills more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses.
The discs are easily removed and cleaned and with no filters to replace, you save money on the long run. And even if the Boneco 2055D digital humidifier and air washer is initially cost more than your typical filter-based air purifier, it soon pays for itself. Comes with a digital display indicating the current humidity and allows you to set humidity levels between 30% and 70%. The digital display will also indicate when you need to add water, clean and replace anti-bacterial system. With the noise level of just 25 dBA, the Boneco sells for £300.

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