Germ Guardian ultrasonic humidifier in retro style

The retro styled Germ Guardian ultrasonic humidifiers give you an option of warm and cool mist. New nano-silver technology prevents bacteria and mold build-up in the tank and ensures that the humidifier disperses ultra clean mist. Germ Guardian makes two retro models – H3000 Digital ultrasonic humidifier and H2000 Manual ultrasonic humidifier. Both are suitable for bedroom, office, family room or den up to 400 sq ft, alleviating symptoms of sore throat, dry nose, lips or skin. The virtually silent ultrasonic humidifiers are also ideal to have on while you sleep. Both models come with empty tank indicator.


The retro styled digital ultrasonic humidifier senses the humidity in the environment and automatically adjusts to a pre-set level and has an option for warm or cold humidification. An adjustable spray function regulates the volume of spray. Built-in digital humidistat control helps to set the humidity to preferred level. Digital display, 4 mist output speeds – low, medium, high and turbo, humidity output is up to 2.5 gallons per day, air cleaning filter, timer function, sleep mode and night light button. See current prices
The manual retro ultrasonic humidifier has the manual adjustment knob allowing for a variable mist output. Buy the manual Germ Guardian ultrasonic humidifier at

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