Bread maker by Beyond Smart

Bake your favorite bread and cake recipes to perfection with the Beyond Smart Bread Maker. Take the guesswork out of baking with the barcode scanning wand which can learn the barcodes of your favorite items and add them to its built-in database, preprogrammed with hundreds of barcodes already. The intelligent bread maker has an easy to use point and click interface, a delay program set by day and time and requires no special installation or wiring. With its contemporary stainless steel finish and LCD with bright blue backlight, this bread maker is as stylish as it is technologically advanced. The Smart Bread Maker can also connect to other Beyond appliance through their wireless network interface to the Beyond iCEBOX, which will allow you to update its memory automatically from the Beyond Information Network Database. Fantastic baking results and easy operations with the intelligent and modern Smart Bread Maker. The price is $150.

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