Electric egg poacher and saute pan by Cuisinart

This 600 watt electric egg poacher by Cuisinart is available from Chefs for $130 USD. With 600 watts of power, this pan heats up fast and provides a consistent temperature to sauté meat or vegetables. A perfect holiday gift for your countertop. Better yet, get it for your mother-in-law, mine loves it. Made from premium stainless steel with a nonstick interior finish, the electric poacher heats up to 450°F in a matter of minutes, enabling you to cook omelets and oatmeal, simmer soups and pasta sauces, make gourmet pots de crème or simply keep side dishes warm. Comes with removable egg poaching insert for up to 6 eggs. Inserts, tempered glass lid, pan and serving stand of the electric egg poacher are dishwasher-safe. Cuisinart electric skillet can also be of interest.