Bosch toaster – compact Solitaire toaster

The softly curved and compact Bosch toaster from Solitaire collection has stainless steel warming rack for rolls and 9 settings for variable browning control with an LED display showing toasting progress. Perfect for two long bread or toast slices and featuring automatic bread centering for even browning, thermally insulated stainless steel housing, anti-slip and anti-tip safety features, the Solitaire Bosch toaster will make your early Monday mornings a bit more bearable. The compact toaster automatically shuts-off if bread slices become jammed, and rather than popping loudly up the finished toast, the Bosch Soft-Lift-Up technology gently pushes the slices upwards. The elegantly integrated crumb tray can be removed effortlessly and its contents disposed of quite hygienically. The price for this Bosch toaster is € 130. Bosch Appliances.

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