Liebherr humidor

Store your best cigars in the new Liebherr humidor, the ZKes 453. Equipped with digital MagicEye temperature display and digital humidity display, this humidor is features stainless steel housing lined with Spanish cedar wood and advanced electronic control system, perfectly regulating air temperature and humidity, and allowing you to mature high-quality tobacco cigars at humidity of 68% to 75% and temperatures between 16°C to 20°C. Liebherr incorporated warning alarms, 1 litre water tank, replaceable charcoal filter and forced-air system to maintain even humidity and temperature levels. 39 liter capacity humidor also offers 2 sliding and 2 fixed shelves for storing both boxed and loose cigars, lockable glazed door with UV protected glass and dimmable LED lighting. Liebherr. Previously, Vinotemp humidor.


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