La Marzocco Strada

The new La Marzocco Strada is designed with the barista in mind. For the first time, the coffee machine allows for absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during an extraction. The Strada comes with what is likely the most advanced pressure profiling system in the world today. Pressure profiling is very important because it allows the barista to tailor each extraction to bring out different flavor components, affecting the balance and body of the shot to produce a rounder, softer espresso. And in today coffee markets, where you find the widest selection of single origin coffees that are differently harvested, processed and roasted, such a profiling can deliver incredible results.

Breaking away from the conventional 25 seconds at 9 bar opens up infinite possibilities for varying the quality of extraction and is the most exciting advancement in the espresso machine industry today. La Marzocco makes two versions of Strada coffee machines,
– the Strada MP Mechanical Paddle which offers direct control of water flow and pressure mechanically via an internal valve, thus allowing pressure profiling
– the Strada EP Electronic Paddle with with electronically controlled gear pumps to provide precise, progressive pressure control. And the EP version can record and replay the desired pressure profiles indefinitely, thus ensuring unprecedented efficiency, quality and consistency in a busy cafe environment
The Strada also has innovative, patent pending stainless steel portafilters that feature easy to clean snap-on spouts and are made without plating to improve sanitation. La Marzocco.

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