Severin milk frother

The Severin SM 9685 milk frother prepares milk in a variety of ways, from baby milk to foamed milk to chocolate milk and features 4 temperature settings – 45°C, 55°C, 60°C, 65°C. Cold or warm, this induction milk frother foams quantities between 100 and 350 milliliters and heats up to 700 milliliters of milk. Additionally, it comes with the magnetic storage concept for the whisk attachments as well as the opening in the clear lid that allows the addition of cocoa or syrup.

Other key features and benefits of the SM 9685 induction Severin milk frother include,
– detachable stainless steel milk frother with 360° connector
– LED indicators to show temperature setting
– interchangeable attachments
– low noise operation
– thermal safety cut-out
– cold or hot frothing
– automatic switch-off
You can buy this Severin milk frother for around £60. Previously, Café 2 Kaffeeautomat coffee maker.

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