Soyabella soymilk maker and grinder – more than just a soy milk maker

The Soyabella soy milk maker allows you to make high quality soy milk right in your home or office. Soyabella is the only soy milk maker on the market whose design, versatility and convenience ensure that practically anyone can make fresh soy milk, raw almond and cashew milk and even rice milk. But wait the ball keeps rolling – with Soyabella dry food grinder accessory anyone can grind dried beans, nuts and grains that result in a rich, smooth consistency. And you don’t need your old coffee grinder anymore as it can also grind fresh coffee beans. The soy milk maker features a stainless-steel carafe with a sleek and contemporary black trim, as well as different program settings that control temperature and grinding time. Just add the soybeans and water to Soyabella, and in as little as 15 minutes you will get fresh soy milk right on the kitchen counter. Complete with specially designed stainless steel filter and patented helical grinding blade, for quick and easy clean up. The safely hidden heating element is located inside its stainless steel boiling chamber, while advanced safety features also prevent overflows, dry heating, and overheating for safe and reliable operation. Other features include cool-touch handle, easy-pour spout, one-touch operation, high-tech microprocessor for cooking cycles control, and LED indicator light and audible notifications. Save you valuable counter space and get healthy, delicious soy milk with this sleek and versatile Soyabella soy milk maker and grinder. The price is $130.