BEEM Pyramid kettle

The large 4-liter BEEM Pyramid kettle comes with the 1-liter teapot equipped with tea strainer and 2 heating elements – one with 2,000 watt and the other with 500 watt output. The Pyramid uses full 2,500 watt for fast heating.

Once the water reaches boiling temperature, the main 2,000 watt element shuts off automatically, whereas the 500 watt coil keeps on heating water to maintain stable temperature. The hidden elements are infinitely adjustable. The kettle also features an energy saving thermostat, an overheat sensor and a dry boil protection with automatic shut-off. Made of highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. The BEEM Pyramid kettle seen in stores for approximately € 290.
Electric samovar by BEEM
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