Breville kettle – BTM800 automatic tea maker

Made of high quality Duran SCHOTT glass, this large Breville kettle is the ultimate automatic tea maker and the answer to an age old problem – how to brew the perfect cup of tea. This innovative BTM800 tea maker comes with the stainless steel tea basket to hold your favourite tea leaves until they fully release their wonderful flavour. The kettle will automatically lower and lift the tea basket when the selected temperature and steeping times are reached.

Key features and benefits of this automatic tea kettle include,
– variable temperatures with 5 preset settings
– variable tea strengths with 3 preset settings
– 1.5 litre glass jug
– auto start
– accurate temperature sensor
– LCD timer monitors the freshness of the brewed tea
– 60 minute Keep Warm function
Price is $300 AUD. Previously, variable temperature kettle. Breville.

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