Eva Solo new tea and coffee kettles

The 1.5 litre My Big Tea teapot from Eva Solo comes with a knitted tea cosy for good looks and to keep the tea hot. The elastic wool sleeve is dishwasher-safe as long as you do it on a Delicates program at 30°C, and is available in Elephant Grey, Strawberry Red, Pink Stripes, Nordic Grey. The simplistic teapot is made of white porcelain, and has a drip-free spout and a large handle of stainless steel.

Madam Solo was created to mark the centenary anniversary of Eva Solo and is a modern take on the iconic Danish coffee pot, Madam Blue. The coffee pot enables you to brew coffee in two different ways, the traditional way using a coffee filter or al fresco, which is how coffee was originally brewed. The white porcelain body of Madam Solo is of puristic design. The lightly curved silicone spout is a drip-free design. Silicone lid, stainless handle.
Inspired by models from the 1970s, adorned with flower stickers, the Eva Solo pump vacuum jug is ideal for picnics, outdoor activities or business meetings where you and guests need a hot or cold drink. This 1.8 litre jug features a sophisticated vacuum mechanism, a comfortable stainless handle, is easy to carry around and its sealing mechanism prevents any drops from being spilled when you are on the move.
Available in black and white, the Eva Solo pump vacuum jug can rotate 360° on its base, enabling everyone around the table to serve themselves coffee without having to move or lift the flask. The pump system is guaranteed for 30,000 pumps. The outer jug is made of plastic with an inner glass flask. Eva Solo.

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