Variable temperature kettle from Breville

The variable temperature kettle is designed for the true tea connoisseur. You can choose from 5 preset temperatures for optimal tea brewing to suit all varieties. Because not every tea likes boiling water, Breville makes sure you get the best flavours and aromas. Oolong tea likes 90° water, white tea prefers 85° and green tea only 80°. And this variable temperature kettle is ideal for coffee brewing too.

Besides classic design, intuitive user interface and durable stainless steel construction, Breville also equips this kettle with Quiet Boil Technology to ensure smaller bubbles are created when the variable temperature kettle heats up, thus reducing the overall noise of the boiling so you can listen radio or watch TV. It also comes with a patented single-handed dampened lid opening which means you can fill the kettle with one hand at the press of a button. The dampened lid opening has a cushioned action to prevent flicking water. Other features include,
– Keep Warm function
– 1.7 litre capacity
– 2.4 kW Fast Boil
– safety auto cut off and boil dry protection
– non slip handle with stainless steel cover
– brushed stainless steel body and base
– clear view front water window
Price for the BKE820 Breville kettle is around $150 AUD. Also, Breville ikon kettle toaster.

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