Electric samovar by BEEM

There are several stunning and expensive electric samovar models, the German based BEEM manufactures for the most demanding tea connoisseurs in the world. BEEM is the world first company which has redesigned Russia native samovar into a modern, high-end tea making appliance.
The Shalimar samovar is made of the best 18/10 gold plated stainless steel and features a sparkling array of Swarovski Crystals.

This fast heating electric samovar has 15 liter water container, 2 liter teapot, 2 heating coils, Keep Warm function, concealed heating element, adjustable thermostat, overheat protection, dry run protection with auto shut-off function, lime scale filter and elegant yet heat insulated handles. Most importantly, with Shalimar samovar, the tea infusion takes place at the optimum temperature. Price for this electric samovar is between € 2,500 and € 2,700.
Katharina I
The gorgeous gold plated Katharina I retails for approximately € 3,200. Somewhat less extravagant and expensive Katharina III electric samovar from BEEM can be purchased in the US for just under $1,500.
Royal I
The Royal I is the most pricy BEEM samovar retailing at around € 3,500. But currently you can get one for only $2,400.

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