Eva Solo tea and coffee makers

This shapely tea maker with lime or pink zipper brews directly into its glass flask. For a strong tea, you put the tea leaves in the glass flask, insert the filter and pour some hot water. Want a weaker brew – put the leaves into the filter instead. Fully depress the plunger after brewing and pour, you don’t have to remove the tea leaves or the filter. The Eva Solo tea maker is drip free and has a tip-up lid that automatically opens when you pour. The handwash only neoprene cover keeps your tea nice and warm for about 30 minutes.

Same idea, only for coffee brewing. The drip-free pouring lip, dishwasher proof glass flask and handwash only neoprene insulating cover.
The 1.5 litre electric kettle from Eva Solo features a drip-free pouring lip to prevent spills. The kettle rotates 360° and is cable-free to facilitate filling and pouring. Comes with an easy-to-read indicator gauge, a concealed heating element, automatic switch-off when the water starts to boil and a boil-dry safety cut-out. Only for European 220 or 240 volt outlet and currently may not be certified in the US. All three items are available from Royal Design for $105, $97 and $135 respectively. Eva Solo.

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