Tealounge tea capsule system

The Tealounge System revolutionized the art of tea making and allows you to enjoy the highest quality tea in a matter of seconds. Employing a capsule system similar to the one from Nespresso, the Tealounge offers 24 sorts of teas for every taste and occasion.

The ultra-compact Tealounge comes in white, black, silver and red. It features a 19 bar pump and makes a hot cup of tea each and every time. And it is very hot.
The easy to use tea maker provides the optimal brewing time, perfect water temperature and ideal water flow for each type of tea. Everything is precisely defined for a given tea type, for example, about 92°C for black and 80°C for green tea.
You can enjoy some of the best black teas, like Darjeeling and Earl Grey, several green teas, herbal and aromatic fruit teas and even chai latte tea, prepared with delicious milk froth. Other flavors include vanilla, cloves and cardamom. Price is around € 80. Tealounge.

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