Zarafina Tea Maker

Now you can brew the perfect pot of tea with the Zarafina Tea Maker. This automatic tea maker steeps and dispenses up to 16 oz. of tea at a time, with built-in setting for a variety of teas. Whether you are brewing black, oolong, green, white or herbal teas, the Zarafina tea maker can be set respectively for each individual type of tea steep time and ideal water temperature. This automatic tea maker can also be adjusted to steep your preference of tea strength, from mild to strong, and has an adjustable setting for tea formats, steeping both loose and bagged teas with equal ease. The unit has a modern dark shale color with stainless steel accents, and comes with a ceramic tea pot, tea cups and a serving tray. Zarafina Tea Maker brews a perfect cup every time. The price is $150. Previously, the Eva Solo tea maker.

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