Barazza B_Free ovens

The new 60cm wide Barazza ovens from B_Free Line are a multifunction Plus oven, a multifunction Plus pyrolytic oven and a combi-microwave. In addition, a sliding warming drawer is available for your convenience with 6 functions and 30°C to 70°C temperature range, allowing you not only to keep cooked food warm, but do some delicate cooking as well.

The 65 litre Barazza B_Free ovens feature touch controls, quadruple heat reflecting internal glass and are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency. The multifunction Plus oven has 26 modes whereas the pyrolytic oven has 15 functions, including an ECO static oven. The compact combi-microwave oven offers 21 modes and microwave functions that can be set from as little as 100 W to as high as 1.0 kW. Barazza.
Barazza B_Free gas hobs
Barazza B_Free modular hobs

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