Fagor Vitroceramic radiant cooktops

The new radiant cooktop from Fagor add an elegant look to your kitchen countertop with its sleek and modern design. Available in a 27” model (VFA-70 S) and a 30” model (VFA-78 S), both units are a sleek black Vitroceramic radiant surface for easy cleaning, with high-powered and stylish red cooking zones with red accents. The 27” Fagor comes with one 11″ triple-high light cooking zone and two high light cooking zones, 6” and 7” respectively. The 30” VFA-78 S has one double high light cooking zone, one oval high light cooking zone, and two high light cooking zones, 6” and 7” respectively. Both Fagor radiant cooktop models feature a touch control panel, safety thermostat and residual heat indicators for all cooking zones, a 9-level power selector, timers assignable to any cooking zone and a safety lock. With its sleek red and black design and its high powered performance, Fagor radiant cooktop is a perfect match for the elegant and stylish modern kitchen. See also Scholtes radiant cooktop.

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