Kenmore Elite low profile induction cooktops

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The low profile Kenmore Elite induction cooktops are available in 30″- and 36″- wide configurations. The new design reduces installed cooktop height by ½” to just ¼”. Kenmore fits these cooktops with glass touch controls that allow for very accurate temperature manipulation with 15 to 23 precise temperature settings available for the ultimate in performance and convenience. The 30″ wide induction cooktop offers 4 cooking zones, each with power boost function which brings large pots of water to a rapid boil by raising the power by as much as 1,000 watts in a matter of minutes,
– 10″ diameter 3.2 kW element
– 8″ diameter 3.0 kW element
– 7″ diameter 2.3 kW element
– 6″ diameter 1.5 kW element
Available in Sears for about $1,950.
The 36″ induction cooktop by Kenmore Elite has 5 zones with power boost,
– two 10″ diameter 3.2 kW elements
– 8″ diameter 3.0 kW element
– 7″ diameter 2.3 kW element
– 6″ diameter 1.5 kW element
Available in Sears for about $2,350.

Each induction element can go from a gentle simmer to a roaring boil for complete cooking flexibility. The ceramic glass cooktop stays cooler than radiant cooktops making spills clean up easier than ever, while the pan detection keeps the element from accidentally turning on unless it senses a metal pan is present. Additional safety feature shuts the entire cooktop automatically off after 12 hours of being left on. Other features include sleek blue LED control lighting, stylish stainless steel trim, smooth black glass surface. Both Kenmore cooktops are also available with white glass surface.

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