Samsung cooktop

The new Samsung cooktop is the versatile 5-burner that offers you all the performance and flexibility of gas cooking. The GN 952 IFXA comes with oversized 4.4 kW triple crown wok burner, a 3.0 kW rapid burner, two semi-rapid 2.0 kW burners and a 1.0 kW burner. The 90cm cooktop also features Samsung integrated electronic ignition for each burner while its new triple crown design uses three concentric uniform flames and emits perfectly vertical flame for even heat, bringing speed and power to your kitchen and guaranteeing the quickest results. This Samsung cooktop also has new control valve for your maximum safety, stopping the gas supply automatically when the burner flame goes out accidentally. Buy the easy-to-clean Samsung GN 952 IFXA for € 600.

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