Faber decorative range hood – Horizon

The new Faber decorative Horizon range hood creates depth and texture with its angled designed. Renowned for their decorative range hoods, Faber is now offering the Horizon which provides superior function and space usage, as well as having a sleek and designer look. Created to maximize the use of space above the cook top, this sleek range hood also possesses an impressive list of technical specifications. Available at a length of 90 centimeters (36 inches), the Horizon range hood aspirates cooking gases and smells around its perimeter, ensuring a fresh smelling kitchen with minimal noise. Featuring a high-powered setting for tough extractions for a limited time, an easily removed and cleaned extraction unit, a warning light to inform you when filters need to be cleaned, a remote control and other advanced features, the Horizon decorative range hood is a reinterpretation of the modern kitchen chimney hood – technologically advanced and designed for performance and aesthetics. Faber.

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