Smart Microwave by Beyond Smart

Designed to make cooking results perfect and easy every time, the Beyond Smart Microwave Oven brings your kitchen into the digital age with style. This Smart Microwave oven comes with a scanning wand and holds 4000 preprogrammed barcodes for various packaged foods. The wand can also be used with the microwave learning function to program your own barcodes. The unit has an 850 watt output, a stainless steel front, a .9 cu. ft. interior with carousel and a LCD with a bright blue backlight. The Smart Microwave can also connect to other Beyond appliance through their wireless network interface to the Beyond iCEBOX, which will allow you to update the Microwave memory automatically from the Beyond Information Network Database. The future of cooking in the information age, available now in the Smart Microwave from Beyond Digital Living. The price is $170.

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