New range cooker from Mercury – Mercury Thermastone

Mercury Appliances just announced the launch of their super contemporary heat store range cooker, the Mercury Thermastone. The new range touted as ground breaking product was shown at the trade show in England. This cooker is product of close collaboration between Mercury and the world leading product designer, Seymourpowell. Mercury ranges are famous for innovative designs and technology, but with the Thermastone, Mercury has taken it to a whole new dimension. Unique modern ceramics based on silicon carbide, was synthesized under extreme temperatures achieving thermal and mechanical properties second only to diamond. This is normally used in space industry, not the kitchen ovens. The range has new Twist Grip controls that work similar to a motorbike throttle. Mercury will make this oven in several colors. Dimensions are W109cm x H90cm high x D70cm plus 8cm for the control rail, or 43″ x 35.5″ x 27.75″ plus 3.25″. More from Mercury.

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