Rayburn Cookmaster XT from Aga

Rayburn Cookmaster XT is carefully crafted by Aga to blend the traditional solid design and workmanlike performance that Aga ranges are famous for, with elegance and style. Some say that the Rayburn Cookmaster XT is the new benchmark in kitchen appliance design. It uses indirect heat technology to achieve excellent flavor for your food. No chimney is needed as it is vented into the power flue. Available in six colors, this range can go the distance – from slow simmering at one end to super-fast boiling at the other. Dimensions are H910 x W900.5 x D529 mm or 35.84″ x 35.5″ x 20.84″. The retail price is £7,400 or $13,496. Aga 6-4 stove cooker.

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