AvantGarde Gas on Glass cooktops – Siemens ceramic glass with stainless trim cooktop

The Siemens 36″ avantGarde Gas on Glass cooktop, ER947501UC features one-piece black ceramic glass, blending seamlessly with 5 sealed burners, professional front controls and stainless steel trim. 19,100 BTU Siemens wok burner gives you all the heat you need to properly cook a wide variety of dishes. Other 4 burners combine over 26000 BTUs. xxL Professional Continuous Grates are sturdy enough to take heavy iron pans and skillets. The flameSafe Auto Shutoff shuts off burners in case the flame dies accidentally without your knowledge. Beautiful single piece black glass design with the power and precision of gas cooking. Easy to clean. The price is $1,819 USD. Siemens. Previously, Verona Gas on Glass professional cooktops.