Bosch cooktop – 5 burner gas cooktop

The stainless steel 30″ wide 5 burner gas cooktop from Bosch 800 Series comes with a central 16,000 BTU burner, designed for fast boiling or quick searing. Bosch also incorporated PowerSim function for quick heating with large flame or gentle simmering with a diffuser cap at low settings to achieve optimal simmering results as well as OptiSim which allows you to prepare most delicate sauces without scorching at 400 BTU. In addition, the NGM8054UC Bosch cooktop has two 10,000 and two 5,500 BTU sealed gas burners. Other features include low-profile continuous cast iron grates that provide a versatile platform to work on, electronic ignition, automatic reignition and conveniently located, blade-style removable push-to-turn control knobs and On/Off LED indicator. The environmentally conscious consumers will be glad to know that 95% of the cooktop, which is manufactured in the US, can be recycled. The versatile, high performance 5 burner Bosch cooktop – now at Sears for $986. Bosch.

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Bosch gas cooktop
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