Electric cooktop by Fulgor from Leonardo Classico line

The seamlessly designed Fulgor electric cooktop from its Leonardo Classico line is meticulously built in Gallarate, and comes with Fulgor award-winning Italian Wing Design control panel and FulLight heating technology, which provides quick, reliable and evenly distributed heat for more consistent cooking. This stainless steel trimmed electric cooktop offers five electric zones with sharp looking precision heat controls,
– front left element – 9″/5″, 2.5/1.1 kW
– front right element – 6″, 1.2 kW
– rear left element – 6″, 1.2 kW
– rear right element – 7″, 1.8 kW
– center element – 11″/8″, 2.7/1.8 kW
Fulgor Cooking Industries USA. Previously, FCI cooktops.