Professional wok cooktop – DCS model for superior wok cooking

A professional wok cooktop from DCS is a unique appliance that any aspiring chef would love to acquire. This 24″ wide wok cooktop is compact but really packs a punch as its single powerful burner delivers a whopping 30,000 BTUs. Although perfect for many applications – from heating saucepans to large volume stock pots, this particular unit has been especially designed for professional wok use. As a wok has a unique concave surface, a powerful cooktop like this one can quickly concentrate large amounts of heat at the base of the wok to cause stir-fry heat to increase quickly and remain constant. These advantages will make wok-cooking much easier and faster. It is also a good compliment to the 48″ dual fuel DCS range. Prices for the professional wok cooktop start at $1,600. From DCS.