Stainless steel cooktop – Cook-n-Dine outdoor and indoor cooktops

Cook on virtually any flat surface, indoors or outdoors, with the built-in stainless steel cooktop from Cook-N-Dine. Made from commercial grade type 304 stainless steel with a silk-brush finish, such cooktop can be installed on almost any cooking surface. You can build these stainless steel cooktops into granite, steel, wood or tile countertops, or kitchen carts and islands or on outdoor barbecue/grilling islands – even directly into your dining room table. Available in 3 sizes – 51 x 38 cm, 61 x 45 cm or 80 x 60 cm, these cooktops bend down to form a concave pit when hot but retain a perfectly flat workspace surface when turned off. These indoor and outdoor cooktops can either be mounted with a control box under the edge/overhang of your countertop/table or can be installed from inside the cabinet/workspace or countertop for invisible and streamlined results. Using these stainless steel cooktops represent an innovative option for cooking with no open flame, no gas, no charcoal and an easy to clean surface. Available now from Cook-n-Dine. Previously, the Cook-n-Dine stainless steel flameless table-grill.