Teppanyaki by ATAG

The one-piece stainless steel ATAG Teppanyaki is quick and easy to clean cooktop, perfectly suited for grilling vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. The versatile, flexible Japanese style grill plate is a fast and fun way to mix and match your favourite ingredients for delicious Western or Oriental style dishes. This Teppanyaki cooks beef, chicken, lobster, shrimp, scallops and a mix of vegetables to perfection.
ATAG offers two Teppanyaki grill plates – the 60cm TY6011M and the 33cm TY3011M. These stylish cooktops are easy to use and can be installed flush with the luxury Magna Design Line Domino hobs. Constructed from solid steel, the Teppanyaki has 2 flexible cooking zones 1.70 kW each, separate twin zone controls and is thermostatically controlled between 50°C and 250°C. You can get these Teppanyaki grills for € 1,920 and € 1,610 respectively.

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