Small chest freezer from Whirlpool

Measuring just under H87 x W81 x D65 cm, Whirlpool AFG 070NF E-AP is a small chest freezer, ideal for large families that need to store plenty of food and maximise shopping advantages with those Buy One Get One Free offers. Whirlpool engineered this trusty chest freezer to be the reassuring rock of stability for all seasons, and it can be set up anywhere in your home. The small chest freezer has benefited greatly from technological advances and in spite of plain boxy looks, its very presence in your house creates that oddly comforting feeling in knowing that you can place enough food in freezer big cavity to see out a major cataclysm or more generally make life easier in a recession.

Whirlpool small, yet tough and rock solid AFG 070NF E-AP chest freezer might not be as sexy or elegant as some of its sisters in the cooling appliance portfolio, but chest freezers were never built to be fancy. They are the reliable long haul specialists of refrigeration that carry their own special credentials. This freestanding freezer total not so small net capacity of 204 litres is backed by an impressive ‘A+’ class energy rating and new electronic controls which offer precision temperature setting at the touch of a button. It also includes an energy saving Eco mode for use when the freezer is only partially loaded, as well as a fast freeze option and alarm functions.
Another great benefit of the AFG 070NF E-AP chest freezer is the Never Defrost technology that eliminates manual defrosting and maintains optimal performance at all times. Boasting a counterbalanced lid system ensures that they always close tightly but without slamming shut unexpectedly. Other key benefits of the Whirlpool AFG 070NF E-AP include front defrost water drain and 36 hours of safe food storage in event of power failure. Price for this small chest freezer is £350. Whirlpool. Previously, frost free chest freezer.

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