Art Side-by-Side Refrigerator by LG

At one time buying a designer refrigerator meant buying the newest technologies in shiny, monolithic, minimalist boxes; but LG have brought life to their newest enterprise. The Art Side-by-Side Refrigerator is just that, a work of art in both aesthetic and quality. The Art Side-by Side Refrigerator features a floral pattern by the famous Korean painter Seung-rim Ha and is accented in shimmery Swarovski crystal. The Refrigerator comes in two colours; a cool, subtle, classic white which mixes well with other appliances and adds a subtle grace to a kitchen; and a rich dark red which adds vibrancy and vitality to the room. The floral motif is ideal for a kitchen, where so much of life and family growth occurs. No longer is the kitchen a room of function rather than beauty. LG are making even the mundane in our lives art.

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