The Big Easy oil-less turkey fryer – infrared cooking by Char-Broil

Here is the perfect Char-Broil turkey cooker just in time for Thanksgiving. The Big Easy oil-less turkey fryer uses infrared cooking technology to cook an entire turkey with the same succulence, crisp and caramel colored skin that are the hallmarks of fried turkeys – but without using any oil and ensuring gourmet flavor and texture. Generally you can cook most large cuts of meat in about eight to 10 minutes per pound. Talk about appliances for healthy cooking! The propane-fueled 18,000 BTU burner in the base of this Char-Broil turkey cooker transfers heat to the cooking chamber, and the stainless steel inner walls distribute heat evenly, so foods are thoroughly cooked.
A drop-in basket holds a turkey, whole chicken, or a pork shoulder, and the unit turns on at the touch of a button. The oil-less turkey fryer does not require any preheating and automatically cooks at the correct temperature for optimal results, eliminating the need to constantly monitor and adjust the cooking temperature. The infrared cooker finishes a 12 pound turkey in one hour and fifty minutes, half the time required with an oven. The removable drip pan catches all juices, allowing you to retain the essential ingredients of a homemade gravy for further preparation on a stove top. The Char-Broil Big Easy oil-less turkey fryer includes a cooking basket and meat thermometer and features enclosed burner design, rotary ignition, cool-touch handles, pull-out grease tray and wipe-clean stainless steel cooking chamber. Still time to get one before the Thanksgiving – the price is $150.